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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:p Tongue Tongue
;) Wink Wink
:D Cheesy Cheesy
:o Shocked Shocked
:afro: fro fro
:) Smiley Smiley
:rockon: Rock On Rock On
:( Sad Sad
:confused: Confused Confused
:mad: mad mad
;D Grin Grin
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
::) Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: eek eek
:fag: fag fag
:fatbanana: fatbanana fatbanana
:sadbanana: sadbanana sadbanana
:-\ Undecided Undecided
:tard: tard tard
:thumbsdown: thumbs down thumbs down
:smartmonkey: Monkey Genius Monkey Genius
:thumbup: thumb's up thumb's up
:remy: Remy Remy
:djblaze: djblaze djblaze
:machinegun: machinegun machinegun
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:deadhorse: dead horse dead horse
:bow: bow bow
:omg: omg omg
:catchgay: Catching teh Gay Catching teh Gay
:cylon: cylon cylon
:vae: Skeptic Skeptic
:discussionclosed: discussion closed discussion closed
??? Huh Huh
:drunk: drunk drunk
>:( Angry Angry
:drunks: drunks drunks
:emo: emo emo
:hammer: hammer hammer
:-[ Embarrassed Embarrassed
:hitwithstick: hit with stick hit with stick
8) Cool Cool
:-X Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
:withstupid: with stupid with stupid
:-* Kiss Kiss
:idhitit: i'd hit it i'd hit it
:stfu: stfu stfu
:irishhat: irish hat irish hat
:snooze: snooze snooze
:kill: kill kill
:kojak: kojack kojack
:pedo: pedo pedo
:flip: flip flip
:rocker: rocker rocker
:'( Cry Cry
>:D Evil Evil
:nono: nono nono
:king: :king: :king:
:wtf: wtf wtf
^-^ Azn Azn
:car: car car
:sadwave: sadwave sadwave
:notworthy: notworthy notworthy
:joshua: joshua joshua
:pimp: pimp pimp
:woowoo: woo woo
:potd: post of the day post of the day
:lol: lol lol
:gay: bluebunny bluebunny
:aarg: pirate pirate
:tinfoilhat: tinfoil hat tinfoil hat
:debbiedowner: Debbie Downer Debbie Downer
:barf: barf barf
:queen: queen queen
:flowers: flowers flowers
:wave: wave wave
:dance: dance dance
:clinically: help me... help me...
:fey: fey fey
:gift: gift gift
:tyrone: tyrone tyrone
:boring: boring boring
:prisonhump: prison hump prison hump
:hippie: hippie hippie
:escape: escape escape
:bottleplus: bottle plus bottle plus
:weed: mj love mj love
:backpedal: backpedal backpedal
:punchballs: punch balls punch balls
:pirate: pirate pirate
:postpics: post pics post pics
:popcorn: popcorn popcorn
:norway: norway norway
:uk: UK Flag UK Flag
:feyfix: fey computer fix fey computer fix
:soapbox: soap box soap box
:batman: Batman Batman
:jesus: jesus jesus
:pokewithstick: poke with stick poke with stick
:oldman: grandpa simpson grandpa simpson
:joshtoilet: joshua on toilet joshua on toilet
:ghost: Ghost Ghost
:nicerun: Running is Good Running is Good
:usa: U-S-A! U-S-A!
:notes: musical notes musical notes
:blahblah: Blah Blah Blah Blah
:azn: Azn Bow Azn Bow
:old: Oldie Oldie
:jihad: jihad jihad
:chillpill: chillpill chillpill
:chickenhawk: chickenhawk chickenhawk
:allahakbar: allah akbar allah akbar
:dominatrix: dominatrix dominatrix
:whitetrash: white trash white trash
:flamerz: flamer flamer
:uk2: uk 2 uk 2
:ukflag: big uk big uk
:croatianflag: Croatian Flag Croatian Flag
:gwb: gwb gwb
:boobies2: bounce bounce
:candlelight: candlelight dinner candlelight dinner
:bj: bj bj
:cuddles: cuddles cuddles
:kissass: kiss ass kiss ass
:sexinbed: sex in bed sex in bed
:bananasex: banana sex banana sex
:dom: dom dom
:dumbass: dumbass dumbass
:a2m: a2m a2m
:snatch: snatch! snatch!
:rabbitgoatse: rabbit goatse rabbit goatse
:strawman strawman strawman
:iceburn: ice burn ice burn

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