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Re: Bitcoins

S9's which makes running them in a tiny apartment awkward (noisy, had to run 240V line through a bedroom, etc) but they're currently heating said apartment so there's that. Difficulty went up a lot, and probably about to go up a lot again in a week or less. 2 running for 3 days straight (right after diff adjusted) has gotten me .0111...... BTC, which would have been better when the price was higher or if Bitmain didn't take 3 months to get my miners to me.

If they pay themselves off I'll consider it a success.

Lost a bit in trading, .1 BTC Nothing worth worrying over (all house money at this point) but it's a lesson and reminder that those traders that lost everything, i.e. the gross majority, probably came out on top 49% of the time.

Currently seems BTC in limbo, everyone is an expert, and nobody knows what the hell they're talking about. \_(ツ)_/
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