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Old 07-06-2009, 03:26 PM
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The upcoming expansion (tomorrow) has some intriguing features like player housing that can be placed together to form villages with control of the villages being fought over by clans.

Darkfall Expansion
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Old 07-07-2009, 11:40 AM
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Four times a day all villages go vulnerable during which time they can either be reclaimed by their owner or taken over by another clan. Every six hours Darkfall turns into a no-holds barred deathmatch for control over villages and their taxes. This new feature gives every clan the opportunity to score strategic victories and to gain considerable income by protecting their holdings or taking over someone else's.
Bad game design, IMO, if destruction/seizing control of the village and houses is possible. If it just a gold generator, I suppose 4 times a day for every village in the game will mean you don't see a lot of activity. If it means the village can be destroyed, 4x a day is horrific.

Ultima had too little territory conflict; Shadowbane was just about right; DF seems like it could be be an abusive nightmare.

Hard to say without playing the game, but this geography conflict system seems like it has a potential for abuse depending on the degree of conflicted seizure.

Geography conflict is the core to any play-to-crush game system. Ultima just really didn't have it - the faction system being about as close as it got.

Shadowbane was pretty close to perfect on their geographic conflict, though future expansion of the product should have included some degree of mob zone control; some tweaks on the timing issues between defender and aggressor, and some additional code addressing messaging regarding invasion of territory.


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Old 07-07-2009, 01:07 PM
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It does say:
The individual house ownership doesn't actually change but the village itself generates tax for its owner.
I'm going to assume that also means non-destruction.

As long as any random unguilded idiot can't capture a village, more points of conflict is better for the game. I like the idea of the four times a day window better than the one time a day mine window from Shadowbane. Players from all time zones should be able to play casually and still hit a defense window at some point.
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Old 07-07-2009, 02:19 PM
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Shadowbane used to use pre-set mine windows so there would be mines open during all of the time zones. I think that changed with the expansion mines, since there is only 1 mine of each type. I think it was a mistake to change from pre-set times.
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Old 07-07-2009, 02:23 PM
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Remember, though, the 4x a day will have the detriment of likely being unpredictable of when an enemy will show up. This means the defender is unlikely to make sure to be on at that time. Then, you've got no fun, again, though you may be gaining an asset.

Speaking as someone who has defended many many mine windows where there were no attackers at all, 4x a day encourages lethargy and non-interaction more than it encourages a fight. The 24 hour sigil defense from Ultima was also a nightmare of a defense for similar reasons (i.e. boredom and too long a window).

This is partially why banes were so highly attended and mines less so - that you could guarantee a fight (unless it was an OCC bane) most of the time at a very precise time.

In Shadowbane, mine windows 4x a day would have been an incredible grind for the defender.

A much better design scenario would be a two phase approach - an aggressor who does something to start the conflict, and the second phase where there is a fight.

So, for instance, if you had to "poison the well" at the village and then during the next 6 hour period, there was the ability to "seize the village" that sort of scenario would encourage pvp interaction.

Trying to get your people to all be on 4x per day to guard a village which has a slim chance of being attacked is going to be painful.


Selig sind, die da Leid tragen, denn sie sollen getröstet werden. (Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.) - Matthew 5:4 / J.Brahms, 1865

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Old 07-07-2009, 02:44 PM
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This is Fautsin's husband, Stone Dog. She's asked me to post here as I am currently playing Darkfall with Societas Daemonica on EU-1.

I'll start by warning that a wall of text is incoming but I will try to be as concise as I can be. I'll start with current negatives that we see have not been addressed by this patch:

1. No WoO: As it stands right now anyone can siege any holding at any time of the day. You have a FOUR HOUR WAIT from the time the siege is first dropped until the siege goes live. The siege lasts up to two hours so that's a potentia of SIX HOURS of sieging.

Sieges are won/lost with the following conditions: The shard-holder is killed ending the siege and leaving the defenders as the winners.

The defenders destroy the clanstone of the holding that was put up for collateral (sp?) by the attackers. The defenders win.

The attackers destroy the clanstone of the city sieged. Attackers win.

One other issue that has occured is the shard-holder disconnecting causing the attackers to lose automatically. Aventurine is currently working to solve that issue and the shard-holder d/c's have decreased significanty. A d/c by a shard holder turns the gold place as collateral over to the defenders so a d/c can cost a lot of gold. Again, AV is trying to solve that issue as well.

2. Character customization: This is being addressed with this first expansion but it still has some way to go. AV had initially talked about a skill cap which would force you to pick and choose what spell lines/melee weapons you used but with no mention of a cap in this expansion we're of the opinion that you won't see one at all. There is still the possibility of skill decay but again, no mention of that so it may or may not happen.

3. "Bunny hopping:" This is a hot topic regardless of what side you are on. Currently, you can not jump in the air and attack with a bow or cast a spell. Melee attacks can include a jump.

Bunny hopping macros made it very difficult for geared toons to beat naked ones and in a "drop all loot" game the nakeds were risking nothing and gaining everything.

With today's patch, you will be able to buy a skill that allows you to bunny hop and cast spells (archery hopping is still not available) but AV has apparantly increased the resists on armors to help guard against nakeds with high elemental/magic spells being able to dominate in a naked vs geared battle. Time will only tell if the balancing has been enough.

So those are the three biggest issues that we see remaining with Darkfal and by that I mean what has been identified as an issue but not resolved with this first expansion.

Here's what we see as updates in this expansion that have improved or will potentially improve gameplay.

1. PvE Rebalancing: AV claims to have upped the drop rates of all items virtually across the board. You'll see a theme throughout my "positives" section that shows AV boosting things to make them more even rather than nerfing things that appear to be too strong. It's possibly the first company that I've seen do this (High elemental magic AoE's were almost an "I win" button but no changes to magic spell damage have been announced...only the increase in armor resists.)

Mob spawns have also been rebalanced so mid- and high-level mobs are actually killable. We have come across mobs with an entire group of players that could not kill them because they were so tough and the AI was so screwed. Again, time will tell on this.

2. Crafting times set to Zero: Maybe the best change in the patch. It used to take you 20 seconds to craft 20 arrows. Twenty-two seconds to craft one moderate potion. These times have been set to zero.

3. Purchasing multiple items from vendors: You used to have to buy each item one at a time (trying buying 500 bottles with 500 mouseclicks! *sigh*) That has been changed so multiple items can be purchased at once.

4. Player housing: While "fun to own" it's the safe trade window that intrigues me personally. I have no idea how this function will work but currently you have to be right beside the person you want to trade with...that makes trade virtually impossible given the lack of travel options (see my next point.) If this trade window allows you to trade with anyone, anywhere, then I believe that will be a positive in allowing crafters to sell their wares and Pvpers to be able to better equip themselves.

Certainly it would remove the risk of travelling from one place to another and potentially drop the PvP but overall I think it's for the best.

5. Travel: I forget what they are calling their portals but they've finally implemented the ability for a certain number of players to be able to move through a portal to cover long runs. While many will say this again removes PvP it puts an emphasis on properly scouting your city limits to watch for enemy activity. These portals can be used by anyone and destroyed by anyone but the owner of the portal can see who has used them and who might be destroying it.

Again, please keep in mind that there is supposed to be a limit to the number of people who go through the portal.

There are a few other points that I would like to make but I am running very short on time here so I will end this post now.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. If you have any other questions, please ask Fautsin to tell me and I will respond to any and all requests.

Stone Dog

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Meursault (07-13-2009)

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