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Old 05-19-2009, 11:30 AM
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Angel Island - Kin Factions

Kin Factions Alpha

As you will all know, having read the contents of the Factions Development Forum, the system here is not much like OSI Factions - so before we get started, forget about telling me why feature X in OSI factions is better or why have you implemented feature Y, it is nothing like Factions, because they are totally different systems. The only reason we're even using the word "Factions" is so that people will immediately know what sort of system it is we are talking about, that is, a system that allows you to capture and control cities.

I will be writing more detailed guides to each element of the system in Faction Dev forum, with screenshots and such, but this a basic rundown so you can get started.

Important to note
In the first release of this system there is NO CRAFTING and NO KIN POWERS.
I have plans for both of these in the next phase, but I simply don't have the time or manpower to do everything we originally intended to in the first phase.

There is a lot of Lore that goes with the Faction system. Unfortunately we lost a bunch of it, and our new writer is not around presently, hopefully he will be back soon. Therefore, I shall give you a 10,000 foot view on the Lore involved with the system, which will be expanded on greatly once Phill has returned. You'll just have to assume there's reasoning behind anything that isn't covered for now.

Mondain shattered the Gem of Immortality causing thousands of shards to spin off into the immense void, each containing an entire world. Many of the shards were mirror images of each other, reflecting the same lands and cities, differing only in population. However, not all the shards of the Gem of Immortality are this way. Several of the shards are structured very differently and are populated by different forms of life, such as the Shadowlords of old.

Since the shattering of the gem, the shards have not stopped translating across the void. Every now and then, two or more shards can happen to come in close proximity. When this happens, at a close enough range, it is possible for a powerful forces from the shards to extend right out to each other.

This is the case today. The Sosaria you know and love is presently in very close proximity to a alien shard which is dominated by an immensely powerful being, known only as The Golem Controller King. The shards are close enough to each other for the Golem Controller Lord's immense power to manifest within your Sosaria. If this power is allowed to build sufficiently, the Controller King and his minions will be able to forge a path to your Cities and transition there with a view of conquering all who stand in their way.

Thankfully the power manifesting within your Sosaria is presently only able to occur in one location, which you may know as the Terathan Keep. The Controller King's power is capable of being directed at any of the following 9 Cities:



The Golem Controller Lord is not undefeatable however. When the time comes and the power has built sufficiently for a given city, the power will manifest itself as an object within the Terathan Keep. If this vortex of power can remain for a sufficient amount of time, the Controller King will be able to breach the magical rift of the shard and enter the City in question. However, if this power is destroyed, the City control will instead be handed over to the Kin that won the battle.

The capture area within the Terathan Keep can be accessed by faction players by several gates that you will find in the following locations.

Brit Graveyard
Shame/Orc mountain pass
Bucs den
Serps hold

Upon entering the capture area you will notice there is a Sigil object for each City, distributed across the different rooms of the Keep (Topside, Kin ONLY). When the time comes, a Power Vortex will spawn near the City's sigil, and it is your Kin's object to destroy it before everyone else does. There is a LOT of maths in this calculation, and although the majority of the battle points will be determined by the damage to the vortex, you also gain capture points for PVP in the capture area. Whilst it is not possible to win the battle without damaging the vortex, it is possible in theory to get away with only doing 25% of the damage if you could make it up with PVP defense capture points.

The question on when a vortex will spawn is one that you will not get a great deal of hints to until it becomes almost the time at hand. When a City first falls to a Kin, you get 7 days on the clock before the City will fall again (this is reduced for TC atm but I'll cover TC specifics at the end). However, this 7 days assumes you and your enemies simply leave the City alone. It is possible however for every City's decay time to be accelerated or dampened. This is achieved through City activity. I'm not going to tell you exactly what counts as activity, but to give you some idea, there is both positive and negative activity for things like visitors to the City, shoppers in the City, Guards being hired and maintained, guards being killed, people fighting and dying , etc etc. Therefore, in order to keep your City for the maximum amount of time, you must draw and create as much positive activity as you can. Conversely, you should often push the offense on enemy Cities in order to make them fall quicker.

In the last stages before a City falls, you will notice that the Sigil for the City begins to hum. This is a clear indication that the City will fall within the next few hours. One thing on my list will also to have the Sigil start emitting a light source much earlier on that gets brighter as the time gets nearer - but I haven't done that yet.

Once a capture battle is won and the control is handed over the the winning kin, the top X amount of people involved in the battle will be listed as the beneficiaries of the City. Note this is KIN dependant, the system does not care about guilds. Therefore, if you want your guild members in as beneficiaries, you might well have to accept some help from fellow kin members early in the capture battle and then turn against them later. As a new beneficiary, you will need to head the your new City and vote for one of the beneficiaries to act as the City's leader. The voting period is 24 hours, or at maximum 2 hours after all the beneficiaries have voted.

If a power vortex is not destroyed or no kin can be determined as a winner, the Golem Controller Lord will take control of the City. Golem controllers will spawn all over the city, however they are treated as any other kin that own the city. That is, get in there and keep killing them, this will cause the City to be up for grabs much sooner.

As City leader, you have several options available to customise your city using the main city control board which appears in the City somewhere near the main bank.

Tax Rate
Setting a tax rate will mark up the prices on all vendors in your city. The additional gold from sales will be transferred into the City treasury, which the leader may elect to distribute between the beneficiaries at any time.

You have total control over which professions you allow in your City. Don't want a Town Crier or a FightBroker? Perhaps you only want Mage and Provisioner shops?

You have a choice on how your City is guarded. If you elect to allow Lord British's guards, you will not have any further control over them and your City will act like a normal LB guarded City.
If you choose any other option, which consists of different notoriety to consider an enemy, then you will have to place the guards yourself. When you first take a City, you will be assigned an amount of guard slots which differs from City to City. You have the power to assign these guard slots to your beneficiaries (from the "Delegation" tab of the City control board). A minimum of one guard slot is required to create a guard post.

Assuming you are a beneficiary with unused guard slots assigned, you can say "i wish to place a guard post" anywhere within your City, and a guard post will be placed, costing you
one guard slot. You can remove your post by chopping it with an axe. The guard will not start to spawn until you fund the guard post with silver. Guard posts cost silver both to initially hire your guard, and there is additionally a regular silver maintenance cost. You will want to keep the posts funded as much as possible to provide the maximum pro-activity for your City. To hire your guard post, stand near it and say "i wish to fund my guard post".

Once your guard is spawned, you can dress and equip them how you like. Your guards will use potions and bandages, so keep them equipped (I've got a plan for a system that will allow your guards to restock themselves using your silver. ) You can change the type of guard your post spawns, along with the hire speed and some attack preferences. Note that guards come in different tiers, the default will be the lowest tier which is 1 slot. You can change the type of your guard at the cost of additional slots. Presently, we only have a bunch of generic guards that are shared throughout the Kins. The system has been designed to add new kin-specific guards with the utmost of ease so watch this space!

Other things of note:

You get awarded solo and team points for killing other factioners. The concept of power points is currently OFF as powers are yet to be implemented. Please see Faction forum for more information. You can see how many points you have by saying "showscore" or any of the foreign equivalents.

Stat Loss
Yes, you will get stat loss if you get killed by another factioner. If you are a blue interferer, expect 90% stat loss. See the Faction Dev forum for more information.

Silver will be dropped by killing monsters that are opposing to your kin. To qualify for silver the monster must be killed totally by you or players of the same kin.

For the time being on TC, I've drastically reduce the initial city capture time from 7 days to 1 day. However, the decay acceleration / dampening (The liberation activity model) will remain the same as if it was starting at 7 days. This means that on TC, a city may fall in just a few hours after it is captured depending on the activity. This should allow us to get more capture battles and more people testing the control portion faster.

I've also redcued the amount of time between being able to change your guard types from 1 day to 1 hour.

Get your butts on TC with your guild. Farm some silver. Keep an eye on the faction sigil capture area (using the gates mentioned above) and when a sigil starts humming or you see a Power Vortex, get your buddies and kill it! Assuming you win, you will be in control of the City and you can try some the other stuff out.


*Butchers, Farmers, Kin NPCs and some of the guild masters don't switch on / off (this is fixed for the next merge)

*When you first get control of a city, you have to wait the guard-change timeout even though you've only just gained control (this is fixed for the next merge, let me know if you want me to change your guard type for you)

* Tax is currently being calculated with floating point math (ie, decimal point) and needs to be changed to respect the integer based gold system. This means you currently get a little bit of tax when you shouldn't.

* Some kins aren't showing the full list of avaliable guard types! (fixed for next merge)

* You can block doors and stuff with the guard posts

* The guards don't appear to be overly keen to equip weapons you give them.

* You can move stuff around in guard's backpacks, but not add to them..

* Guards have some AI issues. They sometimes like to repeatedly attempt to cast para / weaken over and over and over!

Feel free to page on TC, I will be around as much as possible. Expect to see me popping up to help people who are testing. Failing that, post in this thread, create a thread in the faction forum, or PM me.

There will as ever be a few faction goodies to give away for helpful testers.

Please don't turn this thread into all the reasons why you don't like the system, how you would have done it better, why xy & z is rubbish, the sky is falling on our heads, and do not ask for clarification on WHY we have implemented the features in the way we have. There's a whole other forum for that.

Come check it out.

How to Connect: TO TEST CENTER
IP: game-master.net
Port: 2593


Adam Ant and the Angel Island team.
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Old 07-10-2009, 06:27 AM
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Yeah this factions/kin things was so successful that 2 weeks after launch, Adam announced that he's closing the shard down again. LOL

This announcment comes ONE DAY after Adam making a long post about how he was going to be upgrading the server and making all these new changes to PVM. Something tells me some folks told him his ideas sucked and he got all pissy again...

What a true shame that AI couldn't be saved. Well it could have but not with Adam running the show with his iron fist
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Old 07-10-2009, 10:50 AM
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I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Anyone who had anything to do with Angel Island after he wiped the server the LAST time deserves what they get.

Adam is a complete loser.

There were some really quite talented staff members affiliated with Angel Island. I wish they'd run a server.

Hell, if the IRIS client worked just a little better, I'd run one myself.


Selig sind, die da Leid tragen, denn sie sollen getröstet werden. (Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.) - Matthew 5:4 / J.Brahms, 1865

Last edited by Crassus; 07-10-2009 at 10:54 AM..
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Old 07-10-2009, 02:08 PM
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Well Pixie left the staff before the wipe over some issues that I'm not clear enough on to speculate. Something tells me though that he was not happy with Adam's unwillingness to listen to constructive criticism. Pixie is about 80-90% responsible for all of the cool things on AI.

But you're correct about those that gave it another shot are dumb. I did create a character using some friends' gold and regs but I doubt I PVPed more than 4-6 hours and never PVMed at all post-wipe.
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Old 07-10-2009, 06:40 PM
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Send a message via ICQ to a dark elf
Plasma aka Pezi was the guy that practically single handedly took over factions in it infancy and completed it.
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Old 07-10-2009, 08:32 PM
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I think everyone here new what AI was really about.

No one should have been surprised at what happened.

There are PRSs out there that draw 150+ clients at a time, so i think a well done PRS could do well.

Only thing i wonder about - is a good PRS one with a whole ton of good ideas implemented, and thus very different from what many ppl see UO as - or - a shard that is pretty close to what UO used to be with only minimal "tweaks" ...

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Old 07-11-2009, 08:17 PM
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What happened exactly? Here's what I saw the day or two before Adam announced it's closure..

I was not active at all on AI. I made a character but only played 3-4 times with Morg and Rock.

I know that, KV's new guild V (or whatever it was called) announced that they were done. There was two or three threads where they said basically "the wipe was nice but there was nothing done to prevent AI from dying again like AI 1.0 did." Some defended AI other's agreed. Kindra ended up eventually closing/locking the threads and Adam made a post saying what was ahead for AI. Such things as improving the PVM system, improving factions/kins, upgrading the server with new hardware. He even said there'd be a more in depth post by him coming soon that would explain a lot of the upcoming things.

The very next day, I tried logging on to read the boards and I got the shard was dead message. I had to laugh...just like Adam to freak out over something and just call it quits...again... My best guess is that people didn't respond well to his "upcoming shit" post and he got pissy and decided to just close it.

Oh well. It was coming anyways with a population of 15-20 every night YET AGAIN...it's a shame though because AI could have been great and IMO was great when it was semi-new.
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Old 07-11-2009, 09:09 PM
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I was playing nightly.

Numbers 3 months (approx) ago were about 50 when i started playing again post wipe. Factions wasn't in but Plasma was working hard. He finally got to the point where it was ready to go on test, but only 1-2 ppl logged on to test it out. So he was forced to put it on live untested. Plasma is a solid dev, so there were minimal issues with it's release.

A lot of non-factions types were pissed though. Factions shut down every town but Brit. Crafters were mad at the loss of minoc and cove as safe mining areas. Solo pvpers (like me) were nervous that the reg supply would dry up (it didn't).

Right after the release of factions, the numbers dropped. Prime time saw about 35 online and those 35 were almost impossible to find. I'd go out looking for fights and rarely, if ever, find any.

The V guys, who are all pretty much pvp types, got sick of PvMing to support a shard that had no one playing on it. They tried briefly to get excited with UO by creating a new guild to try out factions - but - people were able to capture faction towns solo - and thus they got bored almost right away.

They stopped playing - the numbers dropped to 25 online and then they made a post saying they were quitting. They had tried everything they could to make AI work and had finally given up.

The following day Adam made the post you mentioned Van - i was tied up at work and wasn't on the boards that day so have no clue what transpired at the very end.

All i know is Adam had lost pretty much all his supporters. The only people he had left were Subishi/Bryson and Roark/Medwin. Plasma was still coding but had reached a point where he needed software upgrades to continue doing worth while work. That would have cost Adam thousands of dollars..... a significant investment for a shard that for all intensive purposes was dead.

Adam is also having some RL issues that are forcing AI to take a major backseat.

I knew when i saw the post from V that things were over.

I can only hazard a guess that Adam made that post in the hopes he could keep things going - show enough promise to maybe win some of his supporters back. Of course, we all know Adam's track record so i don't think he got any positive support and then decided to pull the plug.

I just hope he's smart enough to realize AI is dead. Changing his mind and keeping it up at this point would be .... really bad.

Most of the people that were still around on Ai have moved to a shard called Second Age. It's a T2A ruleset (which i personally hate) but it's got 150ish people playing nightly.

There ya go Van - that's all i can say!

Dagashi, aka Gumshoe, aka Yogi (ex Mod and Adam flunky )
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Crassus (07-11-2009)
Old 07-11-2009, 09:14 PM
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Heh I hear ya. What a shame. I think I can finally uninstall UO now... Unless Crassus can get something going with a fun little BV PVP shard

Anyone who likes FPS games should come play Combat Arms with Celic and I. We recently got playing it with some of the guys from the SB elf guild and we rarely play in the normal rooms. We'd rather get 4-6-8 people we know and play 2v2, 3v3 or FFA. It's a lot of fun especially when we're all in the same vent and can talk shit as we kill each other
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