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Old 10-20-2009, 08:15 AM
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Combat Radar -- Know when Elyos are close!

My husband read this tip, and we're both using it now. It's a LIFE saver.. and helps us get the jump on would be PKing Elyos.

Pull out your "Combat box" or make a new tab. This box, on my screen, is just above my usual chat box. Modify the tab, look for the option for "ENEMY" actions under -- "Combat - OTHER". All things that say ENEMY, turn them on. Change the color to a color that will catch your attention (We picked a bright red) Change all other info in that box a neutral color (like white). What this does is if an Elyos is anywhere nearby you will see their fighting spam, spell casting, buffing, healing in the chat box. The bright red color will immediately alert you to look out. This is MORE effective then your map radar for several reasons --- you will actually "hear" them before you can see them. You will be alerted of people you may not have noticed on your mini-map.

Just thought I would pass it on. We've found it extremely helpful.


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